Session 140 : Back in the danYdan cat’s house -

After 7 months of absence, Timeless Inspiration is back with a new selection of futuristic sound and groove.

With Jay Dilla pending his tribute to… A fat track of Moonstarr, old broken beat (Somatik, Really R) and brand new with Mark de Clive-Lowe.

And other recent discoveries not necessarily fresh !


01 Jay Dee A.K.A. J-Dilla : One (Welcome 2 Detroit)

02 KMD : Sweet Premium Wine (Black Bastards)

03 Mr President : From South To North (Number One)

04 Spooky Monkey : Drifter (Dr. Rubberfunk Mix) (Bastard Jazz The Remixes vol. 1)

05 Mark de Clive-Lowe presents… : Dreams featuring Bembe Segue (Leaving this Planet EP)

06 Fredericks Brown : Betrayal (Andreas Saag’s Swell Session rmx) (Land Of Plenty)

07 Moonstarr : Greed (Moonstarr Remix) (The Dupont Remixes)

08 Jazzanova : Boom clicky boom klack (Mr Scruff’s vocal mix) (Broad casting)

09 Somatik : Really R (Learning The Colours)

10 Switch « Groov » Exp. : Blackman my Brother (The Horses c’est cool remix) (Blackman my Brother)

11 Soulparlor feat. Colonel Red : I Told You (The Heart vol. 1)

12 Bobby Hutcherson : Montara (Madlib Remix) (Blue Note Trip : Jazzanova)


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