Session 130 -

Hey welcome ! Today somes new classics with Femi Kuti, Q-tip & 2000Black and their new albums. I love « Move » track, I love love love it. It’s a little mix of Marc Mac and A tribe Called Quest !!!

One of my favorite Broken Beat / Future Jazz track : Not 4hero, not Bugz in the Attic, not Afronaught or Domu no, no ! Just Spinning Wheel, listen it’s amazing !!

Now what is going on in Strasbourg ? New on Soultronik label and a Badass45’s cool stuff with Sir Jarvis.

And what about Drum & bass ? For me the best period is 1995 to 1999.

You know who is David Borsu (DB) a great producer from Belgium, it’s very old but I love this track !

See you next week. peace


01 Femi Kuti : Dem Funny
02 Afrozen Orchestra feat. Chancellor Dedianga : Future Afrobeat – Soultronik
03 Kind and Kinky Zoo : Spam Heat – Straightup Recordings
04 Sir Jarvis : Hit The Bang – Badass45
05 Ralfi Pagán : I Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (4Hero Remix) – Fania
06 Moonstarr : Crazy Jayz – Public Transit
07 Q-Tip : Move – Universal Motown
08 GangStarr : Natural
09 Spinning Wheel Feat. Violetta Parisini : Sunshine In My Soul – Spinning Wheel
10 David Borsu : Blow – white
11 Bugz In The Attic : Redhanded – V2
12 4hero : Look Inside (Izmabad rmx) – Raw Canvas
13 Pavel « Dego » Kostiuk & Kaidi Tatham feat. Lady Alma : Move Over – 2000Black
14 Jason Mouse : Smooth Note
15 Peshay : The Piano Tune


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